Casino bonus codes, sports betting, online shops, blogging… There are numerous ways to make money online. One of the more recent online careers is that of an influencer. Having a charismatic online personality and posting likable content on social media is quickly becoming a job of the future. Influencers have the power to inspire and motivate millions of their followers and this is what makes them a fortune.

Murad and Nataly Osmann are a Russian couple who have apparently landed this dream job. They make a living as Instagram influencers, by travelling the world, taking photos and posting them with a hashtag #followmeto. They are one of the most popular couples on social media, boasting more than 6 million Instagram followers.

Their stellar career in the travel influencer trade started in 2011, when they posted a photo of Nataly leading Murad by the hand towards a graffitied wall in Barcelona. Today, Murad Osmann has more than 4.5 million Instagram followers, Nataly has over one million of her own, and their joint account @followmeto has more than 500,000 fans.

Their photos always show Nataly, with her back to the camera, leading Murad to some of the most amazing sights around the globe, holding his hand as she goes. Since they invented it, the hand holding phenomenon spread around media, and in April 2016, their photo of Nataly was published on the front cover of National Geographic.

Murad and Nataly visited some of the most beautiful and magical locations in the world taking pictures. Paradise beaches of Maldives, the temples of Bali, The Great Wall of China, Dubai, Paris, Thailand, you name it! They are an inspiration to all their followers who believe that life is art, adventure and true love.

However, this job is not always a bed of roses. In a recent interview for Telegraph Murad spoke openly about the challenges that come with living the life on an influencer.

“It actually takes quite some time to prepare for the shoots,” Murad says. “On the shoot, the process can either be fast, but if we are at a location with millions of tourists or we take some time it can be around an hour.”

There are other difficulties, too. “You need to wake up very early to take a good shot and prepare for it very carefully,” Murad says. In addition, a logistical side of the job is very demanding: “You have to be ready to put all your energy into what you are doing. And you should be ready to live in airports, trains, buses and cars because it is all about moving from one place to another.”

Murad revealed how they took one of their most iconic shots, from the Taj Mahal. In reality, this destination receives up to 70,000 visitors a day, but on their photo, it looks completely deserted. “If you look at our picture of Taj Mahal, you won’t really be able to see people there,” Murad says. “But because of the square format of the image – I cropped them out. Our friends were holding the crowd on both sides so that we could take the shot.”

It seems that nothing is easy, not even traveling around the world taking photos. Judge for yourselves if it is worth the effort.