Who will go home with an Oscar? Is the royal family going to have a baby girl or a baby boy? Whose talent will blow away the audience and judges on a television show? If you spend a lot of time arguing with your friends about these questions and if you are often right then you should have some fun with your predictions. Most people tend to link betting with sports, but don’t forget that sport is part of entertainment too. Placing a bet on the entertainment betting market is the same as betting on most sports. If you are familiar with popular gambling websites like InPlay Casino then betting on your favorite movies, award shows or famous people’s lives is a piece of cake.

What you can bet on

There are numerous things you can bet on in the entertainment industry. You can place wagers on basically everything in this market, including people, places, and events. Various categories include betting on movies, TV series, reality shows, awards shows, celebrities, or royalty. Basically, anything that is not sports-related. Bets related to politics are also very popular.

How to choose the right category?

Simply based on what you are most interested in. If you are passionate about movies and TV series, your chances are best in that category. If you like gossip, betting on celebrities is your cup of tea. If you know every music star coming from talent shows, in that case, you can probably predict a winner in a music competition.

Tips for betting in the entertainment industry

First of all, watch the shows, movies, or awards you wish to bet on. To know who to put your stakes on during the next Voice elimination, you need to know who sang the worst that week. To be able to predict which movie will win the Academy Award, you need to watch all the nominees. Knowledge is a big plus in this game, don’t forget it. Reading reviews may help a lot. Following events is a must, but reading professional reviews and predictions is a plus. Sometimes it is crucial when deciding who is likely to win or lose. The audience’s perspective may be different from the jury’s, so movie critics may help you predict the best film of the year. If you’re up to celebrity betting then take a look at gossip news and websites. You can get some insight information you can miss otherwise. Also, many betting portals and blogs are coming out with articles that preview big events in the entertainment industry from an odds perspective.

Reasons to bet on entertainment

The very things you are betting on are designed to entertain you. You already enjoy watching shows and movies, so why not try to bet on it. If you are a fan, your chances to spot opportunities are bigger. Whether it’s a competitive talent show, awards show, or a television show killing off big characters, you are in for some tension, excitement, and pleasure as you watch everything unfold. At the same time, it is very easy to play because almost every sports book offers some of the entertainment categories. And don’t forget that this kind of betting gives you a break from sports betting you are used to.