Season 22 of “The Bachelor”, ABC’s popular reality-dating show, ended in a dramatic finale as Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke off the engagement with Becca Kufrin only to propose instead to the runner-up Lauren Burnham last Tuesday.

The real-time uncut split-screen footage of Luyendyk dumping Kufrin only several weeks after the proposal was truly painful to watch, with the audience almost unanimously agreeing that Luyendyk proved himself to be the worst Bachelor ever.

Luyendyk admitted that he was struggling with his decision to marry Becca for weeks before he realized that he was actually in love with Lauren.

He apologized to Becca for proposing and then changing his mind in a show’s special, and she accepted his apology. Kufrin showed that she can handle the situation with grace and this positive attitude won her the hearts of “Bachelor” fans everywhere.

On the other hand, the show was criticized as cruel for deliberately luring Kufrin into a trap only to publicly humiliate her.

Supportive fans collected $6,000 via a digital payment app Venmo to help Kufrin recover from the bad breakup. In comments, fans sent their love, expressed admiration and invited Kufrin to spend money on booze, Uber rides and future vocations.

“I don’t even know what to think,” was Kufrin’s first reaction when asked about it during “Bachelor” special. “I love my wine, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think I can drink that much.”

Instead of spending money on herself, she decided to do the right thing and donate to a good cause. Her mom is battling cancer and that is probably the reason why Kufrin decided to donate $6,000 to cancer research. Her offer was immediately backed by ABC, who are going to donate another $6,000, for a total of $12 000 that will go to Stand Up to Cancer.

Moreover, ABC announced that Kufrin is the next “Bachelorette”, set to premiere in May.

All in all, this break up didn’t turn out so bad for Becca Kufrin after all.

Here is her comment on Instagram: “Words can’t express everything I’m feeling tonight, but I’m so beyond grateful for the love, support and well-wishes. I’m beyond excited for this next chapter of my journey and to have shared the start of that all with you tonight. Now we’re doing the damn thing.”

Looks like a 27-year-old publicist from Minnesota is going to be a familiar name in the media for years to come.