Sports and competition have been around since ancient times, in fact playing with other members of the community is how people bond, grow, and learn. This is not only present in human culture, but many other mammal species also play with one another, and it’s an important part of their day, as humans we only made sports as an extension of that play ritual. In other words, living beings love to compete, it is in our nature, so sports are just who we are. However, there is more to it than that, and here we will explore the main reasons why sports are important in a community.   


Sports are a good form of exercise, and the best part of it is that you don’t have to train for competitive games, it can be just a recreational activity. It’s really important to have some sort of physical activity on a daily basis, regardless of your age, and sports can make that more engaging. If you are playing a sport you like, good exercise just comes with the territory and it’s not perceived as a chore. Also bear in mind that esports don’t count, unless a loser has to do push-ups.  

It is also important for mental health. It’s healthy to compete as you grow and to come to terms with concepts like victory and failure. Being competitive can be a good drive for a person, but being overly competitive can be toxic and the sooner one starts to work on those issues the better. 


Sports events can be pretty big, and some of the competitions attract tourists or spectators from all over the world. Considering how many leagues or different competitions there are right now, it’s safe to say that sports play an important role in the economy of a certain city or state.


This one is closely connected to the economy but it’s good to have it as a separate point. The main reason for this is because there are multiple jobs that are affected by the existence of sports competitions. Trainers, players, judges, commentators, food and drink vendors, cleaning crews, construction jobs, and ticket sellers. These are just some of the jobs that are connected to the stadium, but there are others like bookies, sports equipment designers, and manufacturers, clubs that train new players,  even video game designers. The list goes on, which only proves how many people depend on the existence of sports. 

National Unity 

Another thing we must not forget is unity among citizens of a certain state, town, or even municipality. Sports events can remind us of that sense of belonging and that we as a particular community are also a team. If people can come together and collaborate, society can only go forward, and sports help us reinforce that concept. Celebrating victories are rare opportunities that people can come together regardless of opposing political views for example.  

Role Models

Finally, it is great to have role models and to be aspired to achieve the same success or even surpass them. This goes pretty much for any profession, people who inspire you are the ones who guide your life choices and push you forward. Although, it is important not to over idolize someone because you can also lose the sense of self, as you are chasing the dream of becoming a replica. Moreover, if our role models have bad habits we are more likely to mimic those as well, in our attempt to be closer to them. So, even admiration requires moderation.